Culture Of Bongs

The key talking point of this article is the culture of bongs and how they used in the present day. Lots of people recognize how a typical water pipe looks right now. Whether a straight hollow pipe with a down pipe outlet or a hollow pipe moving into a much bigger chamber. Both of these make use of water to help filter the smoke. They are certainly an appealing product for virtually any frequent smoker and have been throughout history with earliest documented use around the fifteenth century and maybe earlier. It’s part of our fascination as humans to try something new and the bong is the same. Men and women are utilizing them more nowadays than ever before. This wide spread demand has led to creators and designers chasing after more user-friendly and spectacular designed water pipes. These come in many shapes, sizes and materials. If you are familiar with this market or want to just have a glance, you will be blown away at the range available for sale. Once you put into perspective that all of these water pipes are pretty much created with the same purpose, you come to appreciate how the industry is very much customer centric. When one product can be redesigned and styled over and over and keep selling, you are aware you’re onto a winner. If you ask any bong smoker they often have a strong opinion on them and why they use them. Some people appreciate the novelty factor if they’re fed up with rolling their own cigarettes or smoking their pipe. Some people like the results and credit bongs with providing a smoother smoke. Whatever the reason they’re getting into increasingly more homes worldwide. The spectacular designs is considered the primary factor. They are now introducing such things as percolators that cool off and filter the smoke much more.

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