How to find the perfect bong

There are many different advantages of glass bongs over other common materials and not only the obvious aesthetic appearance. Being constructed from fine quality glass, it enables smoke to circulate freely from the source, whether it’s flavoured tobacco or various herbs. It then moves on down the downpipe and through the water chamber of the bong and up the primary pipe to the lungs in the most efficient way possible. To increase the smoking pleasure, the smoke is filtered through water and that can help in catching the more dense particles given off by the smoke stopping the smoker from inhaling them. The water likewise helps to dissolve any water soluble elements of the smoke that would also otherwise be inhaled by the user, in contrast to more customary and common methods of smoking, where the user is subjected to all of these.
It’s obvious, every smoking pipe method has disadvantages and benefits and buy a glass smoking pipe are no exception. As compared to plastic bubblers glass ones will often feature a rather significant selling price. From the high-end quality ones that can cost into the thousands to budget everyday ones many people have the money to buy. Nonetheless you do pay for top quality, while low budget pipes work, it’s pretty much guaranteed a compact bargain glass bong will likely not last you anyway near as long as a pricey quality made one. It’s not simply the glass quality that influences the price tag but the branding as well. Memorable brand name such as for instance ‘Fat Buddha Glas’ can amount to more than an unbranded item. But don’t let it put you off. You get what you pay for, you know when pruchasing top quality brand name bongs you aren’t only purchasing piece of glass but also peace of mind.

The rewards have become very popular throughout the years with more buy glass bong being bought and being sold than previously, with suppliers starting to be more artistic and resourceful than ever. They can come in all shapes and forms from novelty movie characters like Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, phallic shaped bongs (For smoking only) to basic alien shaped bongs. The limit is the mind of the person who developed it. This is also a leading plus with respect to mass appeal. Any committed smoker would find it hard to find a shape and size they won’t like. At the same time, these kinds of original and novelty designs aren’t limited to glass only. Many are made using plastics and acrylics. While plastic bongs may have the advantage of sturdiness nothing compares to the delight of relaxing with a high quality piece of equipment you know has been constructed by hand with time and energy and persistence. They are often much more attractive to the eye if placed on your mantle place or table. An additional advantage glass has over plastic the life span. So long as you’ll be able to keep from dropping your bong over the months or years you’ll owe it, it will last considerably longer than the conventional plastic bongs. Plastic is likely to wear and stain with time. Any experienced smoker will think about those times they’ve been forced to buying a new water pipe because their old plastic one has slowly and gradually become stained over long stretches of use. Glass however is less difficult to clean up and keep clean in the long haul. When compared to some plastic bongs, a glass one has the ability to handle cleaning agents, covering anything from routine dishwasher soaps to rubbing alcohol and salt which are both generally conceived as good clean-up strategies which would otherwise erode away at your plastic ones.

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